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Carpet Cleaning by Provost

Provost has the tools and skillset for all of your carpet cleaning needs in Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area. Contact us by phone 612-827-4146 or online to Request A Bid.

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Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area

The experts at Provost Building Services are professionals at carpet cleaning and maintaining carpeting. Provost performs pre-cleaning inspections, apply treatments, and use their top of the line equipment to remove stains. 

The experts at Provost Cleaning advocate deep cleaning of your carpets annually, with Provost it will be done right. Provost uses top of the line equipment and are highly confident they will get your carpets looking right. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

With Provost Cleaning

Hire Provost for your Carpet Cleaning needs and you will not be disappointed.

Provost Building Services Inc.

Provost Building Services is a commercial cleaning company that offers a variety of services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

When you hire Provost Cleaning, you hire supervision; the key ingredient for achieving a job well done.

We WANT to be taken for granted.

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