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Stay up to date with the latest Provost Clean News.  Provost Building Services is your local commercial cleaning business in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro areas.  Contact us to Request a Bid.

We appreciate our Employees and we want to recognize them

We want to show our appreciation to our team of employees not only today but every day we can.  We strive on independent leaders who can be challenged and take on duties that are in their way. Contact us to Request a Bid.

Provost Clean Partnerships

You can trust Provost Cleaning with all your commercial cleaning needs around the building.  We customize contract and create a partnership with your business based on your own needs.  Customizing your services, hours and tasks you can come into the office worry-free each week.  Contact us to Request a Bid.

Special Provost Clean Services

At Provost Building Services we provide exceptional cleaning for credit unions, banks, dental clinics, medical clinics and offices. We will maintain cleaning supplies, keep track of consumables and work tirelessly for our clients to put their best face forward in the image of their company.  Contact us to Request a Bid.


Provost Building Services has been on top of this pandemic from the start and will continue to be there for our customers as we navigate safely through. We have the training, equipment and dedicated team members to disinfect and sanitize your business, while strictly following CDC guidelines. Provost Building Services is well positioned to assist you in putting together an effective disinfecting program for your facility.  Contact us to Request a Bid.