Show your Appreciation: National Custodian Day

Did you know that National Custodian Day is commemorated every year on October 2nd?

What is a Custodian?

Custodians are the people who keep schools, clinics, apartment buildings, dentist offices, banks, and workplaces clean and running smoothly. Custodians work very hard that they certainly deserve a day in their honor.

Custodial work can be a tireless and thankless job, which is often overlooked and not getting any recognition.

Thank a Custodian or Janitor Every Day! 

To show your appreciation for the custodians at your work or school, make sure that you are always tidy and keep your workplace as clean as possible.

Let National Custodian Day be a reminder for you to start paying more attention daily to the little details around you. Each time you see that well-stocked bathroom and organized break room cupboards and realize that someone had to do that for you.

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Thank you to everyone who works behind the scenes right here at Provost Building Services every day.

We know the dedication and hard work it takes on a daily basis to care and to make sure each space is Provost Clean.  We appreciate our whole team and the positive attitudes you bring to the workplace. 

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