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Returning To The Office?

How Provost can help.

After a year of remote work and countless Zoom calls, the workforce is looking forward to getting back to office life: complete with morning coffee with colleagues, creative brainstorming sessions and maybe even the daily commute!

 74% of workers want to return to the office at least a few days a week in the future. 

According to a survey by commercial real estate company JLL.

Having a clean workplace can put your employees at ease and gives them confidence as they return.

Help your business ensure that every employee feels comfortable as you welcome them back by getting support from an office cleaning agency.

Provost Building Services can be part of your solution on a safe return by designing an effective plan for consistent cleaning and disinfecting

Daytime Disinfecting – This offers peace of mind and confidence for your employees will actually see it happening! Disinfecting/cleaning common areas such as lunchrooms, conference rooms, mail/copy centers, reception counters, coffee stations, restrooms and more!

Evening Disinfecting – In addition to routine cleaning all high touch surfaces can be disinfected such as personal desk tops, items on desk tops, keyboards, doorknobs, cabinet handles, printers, copiers, light switches, faucets, locker handles and so much more!

Declutter Service – We can help you get rid of unwanted clutter in both personal offices/workstations and common areas; set up large trash/recycle/shredding bins throughout your office. Staff will be asked to go through their workspaces to get rid of unwanted items. Once offices are decluttered, establish a “clean desk policy” when offices have less clutter, more thorough cleaning/disinfecting is possible. This can help increase employees’ morale and transforms the office into a safer, healthier, happier work environment.

Janitorial Work and Services in Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area

At Provost Building Services we provide exceptional cleaning for credit unions, banks, dental clinics, medical clinics and offices. We will maintain cleaning supplies, keep track of consumables and work tirelessly for our clients to put their best face forward in the image of their company.

Outside of daily routine cleaning specs, other projects include but are not limited to: Disinfecting, Vent Cleaning, Fridge Cleaning, Detail Edge Vacuuming and so much more.

Janitorial Services

Hire Provost for your Janitorial Service needs and you will not be disappointed.

Our Janitorial Staff Showcase

Provost Building Services Inc.

Provost Building Services is a commercial cleaning company that offers a variety of services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

When you hire Provost Cleaning, you hire supervision; the key ingredient for achieving a job well done.

We WANT to be taken for granted.

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