Sanitizing your Building – COVID-19

Provost Clean – COVID-19 Sanitizing 

Safety measures are extreme during COVID-19 and Provost Cleaning is here to help ensure your building is up to professional standards.

COVID-19 Sanitizing 

  • Always Wear Protective Gloves
  • Wear Face Mask
  • Use EPA Approved Disinfectant Product
  • Read and Follow Safety Label on Disinfectant Bottle
  • Clean Surfaces First with Soap and Water
  • Then Spray Disinfectant on High Touch Surfaces: Tables, Chairs, Upholstery Fabric, Door Knobs, Light Switches, Elevator Buttons, Countertops, Fridge Handles, Microwave Handles/Buttons, Desk Tops, Phones, Keyboard/Mouse, Toilets, Faucets and Sinks
  • Let Disinfectant still for up to 10 minutes if possible
  • Wipe Clean

Leave it to the professionals at Provost Cleaning to ensure that your building surfaces meet the state and federal standards during COVID-19

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